Budget Action- November 2021

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The government and parties continue to make empty promises. After elections our pots are still empty and we remain hungry.

Promises of jobs, houses and services cannot be kept if we don’t spend the money needed to provide it.

On 11 November the finance minister Enoch Gondongwana will announce how the government will spend its money over the next 3 years and where that money will come from.

We expect a continuation of budget cuts. These cuts are targeted at certain parts of the budget. They will NOT cut salaries of parliamentarians and ministers, that are each over R1 million a year. What is being cut is spending on social grants, housing, infrastructure for hospitals, schools, housing and transport. It is also the wages of teachers, nurses and police people who are being cut. These are the breadwinners in our families, the ones putting their lives on the line for all of us during this pandemic.

But it is not just the wages of public workers that are being threatened. There are many vacancies not being filled and many workers will lose their jobs. Unemployment will rise. This means even less teachers, nurses and police. Already there are schools with more than 80 learners in a class.

The money put aside for local government is also being slashed. Local government is responsible for providing basic services to communities. With even less money provided to local government from national government, municipalities will be forced to increase the prices of rates, water and electricity. More people will be Xcluded, service delivery will get even worse!

While the government has cut spending, it lowered taxes for corporations. This means the rich will get even richer, because they pay less taxes. This also means even less money for government to spend on public services.

We are tired of empty promises, we are tired of empty pots. 

We Demand:

  1. An end to budget cuts that hurt the Xcluded.  
  2. Increase resources to local government. Don’t force municipalities to sell services to raise revenue. We want free Decent Service delivery for all, including housing, water, electricity and sanitation.
  3. Government led job creation. We need more than 3 million jobs. Government can and must employ everyone who is willing and able to work.
  4. A Basic Income Grant of R1500 per month. For all unemployed and precarious workers who earn below the national minimum wage.

Ggeberha March to City Hall

from Brister House @ 8:30
Vuvu Made (PE Amandla) 0733257009

Cape Town March to Parliament
from Hanover Street, formerly Keizersgracht, @ 9am
Bridgette Nkomana (Back To Work Campaign) 0744840316

Mbombela picket at Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature
Mbombela @ 10am
Matthews Hlabane (SAGRC) 0828957947

Bloemfontein March to Treasury
from Hofman Square @ 10am
Mooketsi Diba (Bothsabelo Unemployment Movement) 0732179686

Makhanda picket
Freedom Square @ 11am
Babalwa Budaza (Unemployed Peoples Movement) – 0786256462

Johannesburg Picket at Gauteng Provincial Treasury
75 Fox Street @ 10am
Princess Majola (AoU Gauteng) 0627842846