Theater of the Xcluded

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On Sunday, 23 February, Cry of the Xcluded activists occupied V&A amphitheater to demand a decent life for all South Africans. 26 years of post-apartheid South Africa on and not much has changed for the majority. We are without  jobs, … Read More

#WorkForUs Budget Day March

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During his State of the Nation Address on the 13th of February President Cyril Ramaphosa Stated “two weeks from now, the Minister of Finance will outline a series of measures to reduce spending”. In effect, the president has promised an … Read More

Real Jobs Summit

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With an unemployment rate of 29% measured by the conservative narrow definition of unemployment and 38,5% when discouraged workers are included, South Africa can be said to be facing an employment and socio-economic emergency. More than 10 million workers are … Read More

Caravan of the Xcluded

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The Real Jobs Summit will be preceded by a caravan of buses and taxis that will come down to Cape Town bringing activists of the Assembly of the Unemployed to Cape Town. Between 200 and 300 activists from the affiliates … Read More