Theater of the Xcluded

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On Sunday, 23 February, Cry of the Xcluded activists occupied V&A amphitheater to demand a decent life for all South Africans. 26 years of post-apartheid South Africa on and not much has changed for the majority. We are without  jobs, basic needs are not met and we suffer the indignity of not knowing how we will feed our children. The majority of South Africans remain excluded. The V&A Waterfront is an example of this exclusion.

We are tired of living like this especially because South Africa is a rich country with more than enough resources. South African businesses and politicians make fortunes  – but they pay very little taxes, poverty wages and destroy our environment.

For over 26 years the government has protected business and left the majority of people suffering. This government doesn’t #WorkForUs, it works for business & for themselves. There are answers to the problems we have but we must fight for a different path to this bullshit that our pro-business government is forcing on us.

Often when we protest, its on the margins, or at Parliament. These struggles are important, but it never gets recognised, unless tyres are burnt and property destroyed. Each time the poor fights to be heard, they get vilified, accused of being violent and barbaric. This is an unfair depiction, mainly used to discredit very legitimate demands.

The Theatre of the Xcluded put the spotlight on the struggles of the poor in a way that was peaceful and that centred our creativity through arts and culture. This forms part of a week of activities under the banner of the Cry of the Xcluded. 

The Real Jobs Summit will be held on the 24 to 25 February 2020 followed by a Budget Day rally. This is all part of protracted struggle for a decent, dignified life for all. Let’s make SA #WorkForUs